Starter System

Automate your update / date down searches prior to closing.

Improves Productivity

Updates and date downs can take a long time to perform especially if there is a large gap in the date from when the initial title work is performed. Now in one simple step halFILE™ does all the "memory" work for you and looks for items that could impact your closing without you having to research what work was done previously.

Automate your Date Down

The Starter System tracks all searches performed on your file automatically as you work your chain of title. Prior to close the system will perform those same searches for you automatically for the "gap" in time between the title work and the final close and alert you to any documents found that could impact the final closing.

Easy to use Wizard

Simplicity is the key to success so we designed a wizard so that users can easily perform their initial title work on a file, bring a file forward, and manage their searches in one location. All the while halFILE is keeping track of your work so that its easy to do a final check for items that could impact your final closing.

Single Click Updates

No need to re-work the title prior to close. halFILE will automatically populate your plant certification date and look for any items that could impact your closing.

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