County Import

Do you receive a download from your county clerk with images and data ? We have a large number of programs that allow you to get a head start on your indexing before you ever start typing.

Title Plant Conversion

Are you currently using other title plant software ? No problem. We are experts at converting your data and images to halFILE™.

Title Plant Conversion

  • ByteSmith

  • iiExperts

  • Property Sync

  • RamQuest Plant

Title Plant Conversion

  • Spencer Systems

  • Title Search

  • Title Scan

  • Ultima

Clerk Imports

  • ACS

  • Kofile

  • Hart

  • Tyler Technologies

County Specific

  • Many county specific imports are available as well


Look to halFILE Systems for all your custom programming and conversion needs.

 Application & Database Design

During the discovery and installation phase of your document management transition, we work with you to design your database to meet your current and future needs


Installation services include on-site software installation, database setup, and procedural definition to ensure a quick start toward a successful document management strategy


Our installation and training process includes several days either on-site or online  to make certain that your personnel are comfortable with the new system

Data Conversions

halFILE Systems provides services to convert data from your current database platform to halFILE. This includes data scrubbing and formatting to ensure you get the most of this valuable resource

We really enjoyed meeting and receiving our training from Jimmy Dean. His professionalism yet personable manner made the training go very well. We would recommend him to anyone!


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