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Our story began in 1974 and those traditions continue to this day.

hal Systems Corporation has been in the software development business for over 40 years. The company currently develops a document management system called halFILE For Windows. halFILE allows customers to store, index, and retrieve documents of any kind.

Founded in 1974 the company began by opening a service bureau providing software and services to oil and gas companies with its first product Pashal/NET, an oil and gas accounting system. As customers began to purchase and run software in-house with the personal computer hal Systems moved to offering turnkey systems that included the software and hardware necessary for customers to handle their oil and gas accounting on their own.

In 1987 halFILE For DOS was created for an insurance company allowing them to capture documents with scanners. A few years later the first title company used halFILE to store and index deed records enabling them to move from a manual card search system commonly referred to as a Title Plant to performing the same type of search in just a few minutes instead of hours. In 1995 halFILE moved forward onto the Windows platform where it continues to thrive.

halFILE successfully services the residential and commercial title industry providing electronic title plants. The software is currently used in a number of vertical markets including financial, insurance, legal, medical, and title. A number of features specific to the title industry have been developed that allow customers to be more productive. These include features designed to help index, validate and retrieve property legal descriptions, proximity search which helps locate name variations in grantors and grantees, and OCR which allows customers to turn complex legal descriptions into text for their title commitments.

In 1999 hal Systems had a request from a small county in California currently using halFILE to develop a cashiering system for the clerk recorder’s office. Utilizing cash drawers and slip printers documents can be received, stamped, recorded and returned while the customer waits. Over the years additional modules have been added for the recording of marriages, vital records and assessor workflows. Most recently electronic recording has been implemented.

In 2000 hal Systems began selling county deed records online via its website CountyRecords.com offering data and images from its first four counties. This endeavor has now grown to 175 counties and over 400 million images online. The majority of the counties are currently located in Texas with others located in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Iowa, Minnesota, and Washington. CountyRecords.com services oil and gas landmen, title abstractors, lenders, banks, surveyors, and attorneys allowing them to search without traveling to the county courthouse.

In 2008 following the advance in technologies from Citrix and Microsoft we implemented the halFILE desktop application as a remote application. This subscription offering of software as a service (SaaS) now marketed as the halFILE Cloud allows users to launch a desktop icon and use the full features as the desktop version of halFILE over the Internet – no browser necessary. This greatly reduces the required expenditures for the customer while providing a recurring revenue stream for hal Systems.

hal Systems continues to innovate its products with new features and staying on top of the latest development environments. halFILE 4.1 utilizes the latest version of Microsoft .NET which improves speed, security, and stability. Listening to its customers hal Systems recently developed a “Starter System” which allows its title customers to perform their update prior to close in just seconds. The Starter System tracks all the searches done initially in order to provide a commitment and in just one click performs those same searches through the current plant date providing the customer with any exceptions quickly and easily.

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