Document Management

The halFILE document management system can be utilized throughout your business to provide you with shared and secure access to all of your documents.


Proximity Search

Do you have legacy data with names stored or free form. No problem let us show you the power of our proximity search capability.


Auto Complete

Quickly find names and other information utilizing our auto complete feature.  This also helps find typos and other errors in your index.


Single Viewer

View supported documents in a single viewer that provides a common user interface to the end-user for many document formats.



Drag documents directly from File Explorer into halFILE using our transporter.


  • Scanner

  • Copier

  • File Explorer

  • Email

  • Mobile Device


  • User-Defined Fields

  • Key Verify

  • Coded Fields

  • Date / Time

  • Multi-entry Fields


  • Auto Complete

  • Proximity Search

  • Save Results

  • User-defined Colors

  • Sorting


  • Images / PDF / Office

  • Zoom

  • OCR

  • Annnotations

  • Print Scaling

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