September 3, 1999
Press Release

Washington State Community Colleges Use WinImage to Manage Documents

In 1998, Savetime Solutions, Inc. of Portland, Oregon, was awarded a 3-year contract to provide imaging and COLD solutions to 45 community colleges in the Pacific Northwest by the Washington State Public Higher Education Institutions.  WinImage for Windows, a halFILE product produced by hal Systems Corporation of Dallas and resold by Savetime Solutions, has now been installed at five of these colleges. This report highlights some of the benefits enjoyed by three of these colleges:

Yakima Valley Community College
Columbia Basin College
South Puget Sound Community College
Yakima Valley Community College
Since November of 1998, Yakima Valley Community College has used WinImage to improve productivity and reduce costs. The college selected WinImage for Windows with the COLD (Computer Output Laser Disk) add-on, called WinCOLD, that allows computer-generated reports to be imported into the system. With WinImage and WinCOLD, the information distribution system has been revamped to get information into the hands of those who need it.

“We are excited about the ability to quickly and efficiently distribute budget status information to our operating divisions,” says Yakima Valley’s Controller, Chuck Greenough. “These areas were accustomed to getting status reports about two weeks after the end of a month.  Now users can access on-line WinImage reports that are updated weekly!  As a bonus, the college expects to reduce paper and printing costs significantly.”
With WinImage, student records are now filed electronically. Denise McDaniel, Coordinator for Enrollment Services, was pleasantly surprised at the many benefits of electronic record keeping. Besides reductions in costs, WinImage helps the college meet the State of Washington’s regulatory requirements.

WinImage saves a great deal of time and labor.  I was concerned about the amount of time it would take to scan student transcripts,” reports McDaniel. “Quickly, I saw that this process was fast and now these records are available to many staff by a few clicks of a mouse!  I especially appreciate the COLD features of WinImage.  I’m a fanatic about too much paper!  With the COLD function we can upload the hundreds of reports we run each quarter in less time than it took us to take the paper reports out of the box! These reports are then instantly available to our many users.  No more distribution time, waste of paper, space or filing time!  WinImage also has archive features that allow us to meet our state’s archiving policy.”
Columbia Basin College
Columbia Basin College (CBC) has used WinImage/WinCOLD since August of 1997 to scan documents and import files that were previously printed on line printers attached to the HP 3000. Before WinCOLD was installed, the Business office printed daily reports of up to 200 pages and monthly reports of up to 1500 pages. With WinCOLD, those reports are now transferred electronically and indexed automatically by the system. Not only does this save paper, but it also eliminates many hours of work. Previously, extracting information from these reports meant that employees had to physically thumb through the reports to find specific information. Now this is accomplished by searching an index and retrieving the information in a matter of seconds. The employee can print just the pages that are needed. Human Resources use the same method for tracking all payroll records. In addition, HR uses the imaging features of WinImage to scan old payroll records. Whether accessing scanned images or retrieving downloaded reports, the same user is used.

“At Columbia Basin College, we've saved both time and money with WinImage for Windows,” reports Bill Saraceno, Vice President of Administration for Columbia Basin College. “It has proven to be a very dependable way to archive older records and has not only provided the college fiscal savings, it saves us precious space as well. We're enthusiastic about this system and the benefits it provides." 
The purchasing department of CBC scans all documents used in the Bid/Quote process. These images are indexed and stored in electronic format so that the next time the purchasing department needs to the same items, they can look at the prior process and save the time it takes to research that same information again. The financial aid office has been scanning documents related to student applications for financial aid. This eliminates searching through boxes of documents that are stored in a basement storage area.
South Puget Sound Community College

South Puget Sound Community College has been using WinImage/WinCOLD for about a year. Using the COLD feature to place reports on the computer screen instead of on paper saves time and money and improves productivity. Since reports placed into WinCOLD are no longer printed, the data is provided to the users in a more timely fashion and life span of the college’s old printer is increased.

“We are saving 5 boxes a month with not printing at CIS. So we are saving 60 boxes a year, which comes out to about $1250.00 a year we are saving in paper. The turn around time is faster,” says Cary Bidot, Computer Services Consultant. “The user doesn't have to wait for the tape to go to CIS and then be printed and sent back.”

The cost saving is not the only success story at South Puget Sound Community College. Providing reports simultaneously to more people and finding information quickly is really appreciated by users. And using the computer screen is a lot easier than lugging around heavy reams of computer paper.

“It is so nice to have information at your finger tips and without having to thumb through a stack of printed reports. If you have a 300 page report and need one bit of information you can do a search and find the information instantly. Information is available campus wide. WinImage saves a great deal of time and money.”  Karolyn  Wayt, Director of Budget Services.

WinImage for Windows, also sold under the labels halFILE for Windows and Optical Access for Windows, has been installed in over 170 sites in various types of organizations. The ability of resellers like Savetime Solutions to configure client/server databases to meet the needs of the customer is the key to the system. The system supports scanning, bar coding, external database retrieval, as well as importing word processing documents and spreadsheets and more. The COLD feature for importing computer generated reports is sold as an add-on product.

hal Systems Corporation ( has been developing software solutions since 1974 and imaging and document management solutions since 1989. halFILE for Windows is installed at over 175 companies across the country in a variety of organizations including government, medical, insurance and financial institutions.

Savetime Solutions, Inc. has been a WinImage reseller since 1996. Although their primary focus is educational institutions, Savetime has successful imaging installations in other industries.

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