December, 2000
User Focus
    Trinity County Recorder's Office

High in the Trinity Alps of Northern California is the small town of Weaverville, the Trinity County seat. But while this small village may look quaint and untouched by the high tech which California is known for, if you look inside the courthouse you will find technical innovations which far surpass those in much larger counties of the state. And it has all happened because Dero Forslund, Trinity County Recorder, has taken it upon himself to move the county's data processing capabilities into the new millennium.
As you enter the renovated old courthouse to record a document, you immediately get a feel for technology at work. Among the normal volumes of documents you find a public view station running halFILE Document Imaging System. At the view station, customers are searching and viewing documents filed at the county including Official Records, Fictitious Business Records and Vital Records. 

Now look behind the counter and you will see county personnel recording documents using halFILE CountyCashiertm. Documents are recorded, stamped with the file number by a slip printer, scanned into halFILE, and then are immediately available to public viewers.

And over the web! Trinity county runs its own Internet web site,, and e.halFILE to provide access to documents via web browsers all over the world.

So if you are ever in the beautiful Trinity Alps, check out Weaverville. You will enjoy the picturesque setting, charming shops, and the pleasant townfolk on Main Street. And if your into high tech, check out that old courthouse!

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