Fairbanks Title Agency - Fairbanks, Alaska

May 1999

hal Systems welcomes a new Optical Access client from the great white north!  Sold by reseller First Data Systems and installed by hal Systems employee Tom Hokanson, Fairbanks Title Agency is set to scan Prior Files, Plat Maps, and Title Plant documents.

The proud Fairbanks Title Agency eagle!

The great Alaskan sky. 

This picture was a bit dark but after all, it was almost midnight!

Jack (Fairbanks Title Agency) learns to load up the scanner with Plat Maps.

Tom Hokanson (hal Systems) with Mark Bowden (Fairbanks Title Agency) discuss the installation strategy.

Where else but Fairbanks do you head south to get to the North Pole - North Pole Alaska, that is!

Some more Alaska panorama on the way to Denali National Park

Tom even made a lunch trip to Santa Claus House in North Pole.