Title Tech 2000 - Reno, Nevada - April, 2000

halFILE and e.halFILE were a big hit at Title Tech 2000 in Reno. Below are some pictures from this grand event.
Dave Persful, Karen Duncan, Doris Storey, Mark Storey and halFILE Reseller, Charley Dunlap discuss business in hal's Title Tech 2000 booth.
The Title Tech gala dinner was a fun event with dinner and dancing. Karen, Doris, Molly Calloway of First Data Systems, and Mark are discussing the event's highlights.
SoftPro Corporation's attractive booth. The details of SoftPro's reseller agreement to sell halFILE were hammered out during the show.
First Data Corporation, another halFILE reseller, had a lot of action in their booth.
BIGGasp.com made a big splash at the show with their name and their product offerings which includes using e.halFILE in a creative and revolutionary way.
Tom Hokanson and Dero Forslund discuss Dero's halFILE and e.halFILE installation at the Trinity County Clerk's Office in Weaverville, California. Dero is the County Clerk there and was a speaker at Title Tech 2000.

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