August, 2000
User Focus
    Southern National Bank of Texas

The Southern National Bank building in Sugarland, Texas, is fashioned after Jefferson's Montecello and includes a museum on site
Southern National Bank of Texas' primary goal when selecting halFILE was to image all of their credit and collateral documents since they were quickly running out of file space and needed more than one person to have access to documents at any given time. hal Systems offered a custom solution that not only met their primary goals but also replaced their 'Tickler' system which tracks credit and collateral expirations and prints letters on given dates when a document has not been received or expires. hal Systems Corporation designed a system of 4 databases, as follows, to replace this 'Tickler' system.

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Customer and Loan databases are populated automatically from data on their mainframe. hal Systems created a program that not only up-loads the data, but also re-posts changes to the Credit or Collateral docs for that Loan or Customer and sets a paid status. When a Credit or Collateral document is indexed, the operator enters a loan number. Using halFILE's look-up feature, detail Loan and Customer information from the other halFILE databases is automatically posted to the record, greatly reducing the number of keystrokes required. Anytime a change is received, either by being manually entered data into the customer or loan record, or received automatically from their main-frame, the updated information flows down to the individual document databases so that the user has to only make the change in one location on one record.

Southern National Bank has 5 scanners: 4 desktop production scanners and 1 high-speed production scanner. Documents are automatically archived to a large disk array and are always accessible online. hal Systems wrote a program to upload their legacy data (about 2200 loans) to the system and a program to extract information based on a date decision for the notification letters. Using Crystal Reports and the expertise of hal's design staff, Southern National Bank is able to produce a variety of detail and exception reports of loan information. The reports are used by Loan Officers to track loan history and identify scheduled tasks. Southern National Bank has 2 branch offices where halFILE is installed (over a T1 WAN).

"I realize that our customization request was a little out of the ordinary, but hal Systems has met all of our requirements and then some. I know that Southern National Bank of Texas made the right decision to purchase the hal Systems product for our imaging needs, and we look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with your company." Sandy McCarver, Sr. Vice President, Southern National Bank of Texas

With the standard features of halFILE plus the expertise of hal's programming staff, Southern National Bank now has an extraordinary credit and collateral imaging system!

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