May, 2001
User Focus
    Skamania County, Washington

halFILE Mainframe Integration Provides Imaging Solution for Washington County

When Skamania County in Stevenson, Washington, needed a cost-effective method of imaging recorded documents, they turned to hal Systems Corporation. With halFILE, halFile CountyCashiertm, and some programming wizardry, the county not only acquired a new imaging system, but also achieved their goal of integrating imaging with their existing mainframe District Court application.

Here’s how the system works. A new halFILE feature, called halFILE Screen Scrape, interfaces between the mainframe’s terminal emulation program and halFILE in several different ways. First, it streamlines the index process by filtering information from the mainframe’s display screen and posting that information into selected halFILE index fields as illustrated below.



Beautiful Multinomah Falls which feed the Columbia River near Stevenson, Washington

This new feature also lets the user perform a search of main frame information then, by clicking a button, a search of the halFILE database is performed and related images are displayed.

With this interface, the State-supplied application that Skamania County is required to use can be augmented with a modern imaging system with minimal duplication of effort. Users can also use halFILE’s search engine to provide features unavailable to them on the mainframe as well as scan and index documents that are not on the mainframe. So, hal Systems has provided an elegant solution to the sticky problem of what to do with your legacy mainframe applications.

halFILE also enabled the County to add a new level of security that was not available with their current mainframe. While the mainframe allowed them to prevent users from seeing information for specific case types, it could not restrict access to not individual documents within a case. Prior to implementing halFILE it was the responsibility of the County personnel to ensure that a sealed document was not given to a particular person. With document level security in halFILE, they are now able to have a message displayed when an individual attempts to retrieve a sealed document and the system will not allow them to view the images for that individual document.

halFILE Screen Scrape requires the HostExplorer 6.2 or higher from Hummingbird Ltd. Contact your Sales Representative for pricing and more information.


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