September, 1998
User Focus
    J. Ken Muckelroy

Here’s a success story for you! We were very excited to learn that J. Ken Muckelroy, Attorneys, were licensed to operate as a title company in Center, Texas. They began scanning and indexing courthouse documents in November of 1996. In January of 1998, their 25-year Plant was completed and Muckelroy opened for business. For their efforts, they are being highlighted in this issue’s User Focus.
Opening a title company in Texas requires a 25-year Title Plant, the database or system used to perform title searches.  Muckelroy personnel accomplished this by scanning and indexing approximately 156,000 documents (473,000 pages). They expect to add approximately 35 documents to the system each day. Now that the Title Plant has been built, Tammie Muckleroy feels the company enjoys a competitive advantage. Asked what she liked best about halFILE for Windows, Tammie responded “Being able to view the actual document when searching.”  With halFILE for Windows, she can now view any Shelby County document filed in the last 25 years!
Congratulations to J. Ken Muckleroy for getting the most out of halFILE for Windows!


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