September, 1998
halFILE Reseller makes Title waves

For several years, First Data Systems, Inc. of Nashville, Tennessee has resold halFILE Imaging systems under the label, Optical Access. This is a success story that we are really proud of and want to let you know about.
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First Data Systems, Inc. (FDS) is the leading supplier of information management systems and services to the land title and real estate closing industries. Since 1975, First Data has been servicing thousands of users throughout the country.
In 1995, FDS began developing Title Tools, a powerful suite of tools for the title/escrow industry, working in the Windows/NT environments.  halFILE for Windows, or Optical Access, was selected as the Imaging/Plant component of Title Tools. Optical Access is now installed in 25+ sites and 16+ states from Alaska to New York.



“Our relationship with hal Systems has been tremendous. The Austin development group makes my job easy.  In the five-plus years that I have sold imaging systems, I have found halFILE to be the most complete, flexible and easy to use product in the marketplace.  With some of the new features that are being added this year, we are looking forward to our best year to date.  One of the biggest pluses of the halFILE product is the ability to store and manage both Closed Policy Files and Plant/County Recorded Documents in the same system.”
Mark A. Storey, Certified Document Imaging Architech and First Data’s Director of Imaging Systems

Other components of Title Tools include: In addition to Title Tools, FDS markets Dataclose, a comprehensive product for the title/escrow industry, working in the DOS, Novell, SCO Unix and AIX environments. FDS and their clients are really excited about the possibilities with Optical Access.

"With the software, I can store everything in the computer and not have to use office space for files!  It is very easy to pull up files by Buyer, Seller, Address, Closing Date or Book and Page of the deed.”
First Data client Todd Mosier of William Castleman, Attorney at Law, Gallatin, Tennessee

You can learn more about First Data Systems, Inc. and their products at their web site:


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