The halFILE Papers
Notes and hints for users of halFILE Document Storage & Retrieval
September  1995
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halFILE for Windows!
New version includes many new options 

hal Systems Corporation is pleased to announce the release of halFILE for Windows version 1.0.  halFILE for Windows includes many of the same features as the DOS version plus a few extras. So, what can you do with the Windows version that you cannot with halFILE for DOS?

Useful DOS 6 Utilities 
3 commands to keep your workstation efficient 

Three useful utilities are included in version 6 of DOS (current version of DOS is 6.22), including: SCANDISK, MSAV, and DEFRAG.

New hal users 
The hal Family continues to grow 

hal Systems welcomes our first overseas client, in Plymouth, England and a goverment agency, the Texas Water Development Board.



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