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halFILEtm Document Manager: Our premier Document Management System.  Document Image Processing electronically converts paper documents into digital form. Document Management associates these images to a database record.  It is now possible to store an entire company's data on magnetic, compact, or optical discs.  So, a comprehensive computer database containing all of the vital information of those documents can be created.  Searches for specific information, that may have taken hours or days and involved several people, can now be done instantly by one person, directly from their workstation. Powerful report writing capabilities are included.

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e.halFILEtm Internet Document Manager: e.halFILE is a web-based product which provides support for the search of halFILE databases on the Internet. Documents, which have been scanned and indexed using halFILE Document Manager, can be searched for and viewed using e.halFILE and most web browsers. With e.halFILE, you sign onto the system over the Internet, select a database to search, enter your search criteria, view a list of documents matching the criteria, and then view the images associated with the document. This product includes the following:

A set of programs which reside on the Internet Server to perform user sign-on, database selection, search criteria entry, document search and document page display. Documents may be viewed or e-mailed to the user. A tracking option is available to log transactions of user activity and an e-commerce option provides secure credit card validation and billing for documents retrieved.

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halFILE CountyCashiertm: Our newest product for County Clerk's offices, halFILE CountyCashier records documents, receives payments and collects fees. Using one or more cash drawers, the system tracks money received and maintains an Accounts Receivable Ledger. A variety of user-definable reports are available including invoices, cash and account balances, and historical information. Fees can be allocated to General Ledger accounts. Documents received can be stamped using a slip printer and then scanned using halFILE Document Manager.

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halTracktm: Our newest product allows you to take title orders over the Internet and track the status toward preparing the Policy. Then, as halFILE captures documents that you prepare for an Order, your customers, vendors, and financial service providers have instant access to them via the Internet. While doing this, you are also collecting documents into a closed policy file for archival. halTrack will even e-mail the proper person informing them of the completion of a step in the process and gives them a link to access the document over the Internet. This eliminates numerous phone calls, speeds up the closing and improves your efficiency.

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halCOLD for Windowstm: Fully integrated with halFILE Document Manager, this product filters and imports computer generated output such as accounting reports, tax forms and reports and more. Includes a Text File Splitter which is capable of splitting large reports into documents based on a variety of split options, a Text File Importer which extracts data from the text file for index retrieval, and a Text Viewer with text search capabilities. Report information can come from As-400, VAX, MS-DOS/Windows and other platforms. New filters can be added upon request.

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halSPOOLtm: The halSPOOL Report Archival System solves your high volume printing, storage and retrieval problems by combining cost effective optical storage with dynamic retrieval of current and historical information. Instead of printing reports, they are spooled to a disk file. The disk file is automatically indexed on pre-defined fields, then copied to a removable optical cartridge. These reports are searchable and can be retrieved effortlessly. This technology is sometimes referred to as a COLD product (Computer Output to Laser Disk).

PASHAL/NETtm: This full-featured Oil and Gas Accounting Package has a 20-year track record of managing the accounting requirements of small to medium-sized companies. PASHAL/NET is an integrated accounting package that runs in a multi-user environment on Novell networks as well as other popular LANs. Modules in the software include:Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Joint Interest Billing, Revenue Distribution, Tax Reporting and more.

LAND/NETtm: This Oil & Gas Lease Management System provides 17 lease sections for each lease in your operation and helps you manage lease activity such as Delay Rental Payments and Schedules, Acres, Ownership and more. This full featured package runs in a multi-user environment on Novell or other popular LANs. Features ad hoc reporting so you can design your own reports. Runs as a stand-alone application or may be fully integrated with any or all of our PASHAL/NET (Petroleum Accounting System) modules.

hal Systems is a also full service hardware integrator and can supply competively priced PC Workstation and Servers to your specifications, along with Novell and Windows NT Network Installation and Support and CD-ROM Mastering.


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