November, 2002
Mercury Companies, Inc., Denver - A Growing Warehouse of halFILE Documents

Mercury Companies, Inc., Denver, Colorado, is doing great things throughout their organization using halFILEtm and e.halFILEtm. Mercury Companies subsidiaries render services to a broad range of real estate and financial services customers. What they have accomplished makes for a great success story! 

Mercury began using halFILE in Title offices in 1996 with installations in Bailey and Woodland Park, Colorado. Later halFILE installations were added in Pueblo and Canon City. These installations collected Title Plant and Closed Files documents in halFILE and soon amassed a huge database of information.

In 1999, Mercury determined that the organization could benefit greatly from sharing information between their sister companies. e.halFILE was installed in the Denver office in order to provide access to the halFILE databases through the VPN Intranet. At the same time, the remote halFILE databases were moved to a central location in the Denver home office. FTP scanners were set up remotely to capture documents and send them to the home office where halFILE Capture Server loaded them into the designated halFILE baskets. The documents were then indexed using halFILE over Citrix thin client.

Once the company found out how powerful this configuration was, they looked inward to solve a storage problem and began scanning a huge warehouse of Closed Files. Using FTP Scanners, documents with a trailing bar code page are captured and delivered to the home office. halFILE Bar Code Recognition Server automatically indexes these documents by reading the barcode consisting of a File Number and the Company ID. During the night, halFILE Archive Server archives indexed documents. Over 275,000 documents have been captured in this fashion and the warehouse is growing! 

Mercury then recommended that their Human Resources staff begin using halFILE for Personnel Records. An outside source was used to scan and index many of the 46,000 documents currently in this database. halFILE's Document Level Security feature ensures that these documents can be viewed only by those users having the proper privileges. 

Finally, this year, Mercury proposed that halFILE could be used to gather Base File information for Plats and Subdivisions throughout the organization. Text documents and images from a variety of sources were brought together  under one roof - halFILE! This growing database of over 68,000 documents includes covenants, restrictions, plats and more. 

To top it all, Mercury was also recognized as a Million Image Award winner earlier this year. With Mercury's vision and halFILE's know-how, Mercury's growing document warehouse is proving to be a valuable resource. We congratulate Mercury on their success!

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