April, 2004
Beach Abstract, Little Rock, Arkansas - Title Plant  

Beach Abstract & Guaranty Company of Little Rock is a leading provider of Title and Closing Services in Pulaski and Lonoke counties. Utilizing halFILEtm to maintain a large title plant, Beach has accumulated over 3 million images. They also have been very successful with BBTJ.NET, using e.halFILEtm to provide web access to the Title Plant. BBTJ.NET customers include banks, real estate agents, appraisers, title companies, engineers, lawyers and more.  

Beach began using halFILEtm in June of 1999. With halFILE's scalability, their system has grown as their database needs have developed.  Congratulations to Beach Abstract on becoming a member of the Million Image Club!

8111 LBJ Freeway, Suite 860
Dallas, TX 75251
 (800) 442-9273 or (214) 691-4700