October, 1999
e.halFILE #1 is Installed

North Star Title Implements Intranet Imaging

North Star Title of Excelsior, Minnesota recently became the first e.halFILE installation (and hal’s 162nd imaging installation!). hal Systems worked with First Data Systems to install Optical Access in the home office to scan documents. These documents are then immediately available to users in Northstar’s  Golden Valley office across the private  corporate intranet using Netscape and e.halFILE.

Lisa Sharits, Director of Information Technology at North Star, says “We have been able to get so many images on line in such a short time we are already training users to retrieve images, which is long before our scheduled timeframe.  Using e.halFILE with our current browser has allowed us to roll out retrieval to our users within a month of install.”

A sophisticated indexing process makes capturing data for scanned images quick and easy. First Data Systems’ Data Close outputs additions and changes made to North Star’s production system. These are posted to a look-up database and indexed by Case Number. Optical Access then reads the Case Number bar code placed on the document, looks it up in First Data’s lookup database and automatically populates all the index fields.

The same process is perfomed at ACS-Dataplex, an imaging conversion house responsible for scanning North Star’s old documents. All the pieces fit together nicely to bring Northstar’s imaging system on line quickly.

Sharits reports, “Christopher Smith and Jimmy Dean were on site to install Optical Access and e.halFILE as well as train our network and optical image staff.   It was the smoothest transition to a new system that we have ever experienced.”

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