November, 1996
More CDs in one place
            Great New Hardware Development

Expecting to fill a lot of CD's with your document images?  A new hardware development may help you streamline your image storage and retrieval system.  Pioneer is offering a giant new CD autochanger that keeps your data handy without having to swap CD's.

The Pioneer DRM-5004X holds 500 CD-ROM discs. With each of these 500 discs capable of holding the equivalent of ten to twenty thousand pages, the DRM-5004X stores a total of 5 to 10 million pages or over 300 gigabytes of data.  The autochanger is equipped with two CD-ROM Readers and can be expanded with optional drives to enable simultaneous access to as many as four CD-ROM or CD-R discs.

Each drive features a high sustained data transfer rate of 614 Kbytes per second (4X) and complies with the SCSI-2 ANSI standard. The DRM-5004X can also be equipped with one or more CD-R (CD-ROM Recorder) units that allow you to write data onto CD-ROM discs.

For smaller image storage requirements, Pioneer delivers a 100 CD-ROM disc changer.  Coupled with Microtest's CD-Now! software that creates a Novell image server that can be accessed via any network station, these large juke boxes can be a big time saver in your image management system.


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