Notes and hints for users of halFILE Document Storage & Retrieval
November 1996
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New halFILE Version  
1.2 ships with several new features 
We are now shipping version 1.2 of halFILE for Windows.  This new release includes several powerful features that we are excited about including.
More CDs then ever 
A great new hardware development 
Expecting to fill a lot of CD's with your document images?  A new hardware development may help you streamline your image storage and retrieval system. 
Secure your data 
A halFILE for Windows tip 
In the Windows Program Manager, the halFILE Group includes an icon 'Import/Export Database'.  Clicking this icon loads the system which.
Welcome to our world 
hal Systems is pleased to welcome some of our newer halFILE users

  • Hargrove Crop Insurance - Rotan, Texas
  • Service Title Company - Lubbock, Texas 
  • Texas Department of Health - Austin
  • Ken Muckleroy - Center, Texas
  • Burk Royalty - Wichita Falls, Texas
  • American Legal Tech - Dallas
  • Cameron Title - Brownsville, Texas


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