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Milliman and Robertson

Milliman and Robertson, an actuarial firm in Dallas, uses halFILE for Windows and bar coding to streamline their Financial Division’s transaction-based system. Here's how it works.

When  a customer transfers funds to their savings plan (mostly 401K) or changes their address, the client faxes a form to Milliman. On this form is a bar code that includes a transaction number, the type of form being processed and other information. When Milliman receives the form, it is scanned into a halFILE basket. A custom transfer, written by hal, then processes the basket, reads the bar codes and sends a transaction into Milliman’s legacy transaction system.

Within the transaction system, the remaining data and actual fund reallocation is handled and a flag is set to indicate that the transaction has been processed. The custom transfer program later posts any processed transactions back into halfile and marks the transaction as complete. Now the transaction is fully indexed in halFILE. All research, review and printing of completed transactions is handled within halFILE.

With two scanners and two archive stations  running constantly, halFILE handles the transaction volume and keeps the transaction system running soothly. With some creative thinking by Milliman and Robertson, and some technical know-how from hal Systems, the organization drammatically extended the capabilities of their legacy system. We salute Milliman and Robertson for some forward thinking.

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