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  "Archive complete" items left in basket above "scan complete" items If an item was indexed withou an image it will stay in the basket.  It is recommended that you  set up a "no-image" basket for such documents and then periodically go into TOOLS | BASKET STATUS to clear it out using the FILE | REMOVE ALL ENTRIES menu selection.
  "Cartridge Full" message when it really isn't full when using Optical Disks and Optisys drivers Insert cartridge
Down the OServer
From a workstation got to A: and switch to optidrvr
Run ochkdsk E:\    (checks out E:)
Answer Y to reformat, no to Lowlevel
Bring up OServer
Map in cartridge
Dir E:
  Adding new optical cartridge to jukebox managed by SCSI Express SCSI Procedure:
1. At the FILE SERVER, press ALT-ESC to get a 'colon' prompt.
2.  Dismount the cartridge by typing: DISMOUNT .
3.  Put the new cartridge in.
4.  Type: Load Install
5.  Select 'Format'
  After indexing found separate documents which belonged together as one. Use TOOLS | MOVE procedure to move an image from one document to another.
  B+H scanner has black border Add 'ScanOption=BB_REM' to the [BH 3338] or [BH6338] section in KOFAX.INI located in the Windowsdirectory.
  Can't "see" CD Check drive contents Use Configure|Drives to see if drive is defined. If not, set it up.
  Can't see a drive If it is a network drive, restart the network.  If Basket not visible, repair database (Access only). Run search first to get the path and .MDB name.
  Cartridge not found Change all of the database to point to CD1. If there are no images due to having lost the hard drive, this will avoid the cartridge not found message when viewing documents.
  CD vs. Optical Media vs. Hard disk for storing images Our recommendation is to use a combination of hard disk and CDs to store images. using this method, images are written to a hard disk partition the same size as a CD and, when the partition is full, a CD is created which becomes your image back up. Then partition is then moved to a large disk drive for on-line storage and the partition is cleared off to make way for new images. Optical media is no longer recommended because of cost and driver problem.
  Control array element X (usually 5) does not exist entering or exitingt he index module. User has clicked the mouse in another area on the when screen before the index module has loaded or closed completely.  This is a windows event timing problem. The user may think they are not able to exit without rebooting. If they give focus to the image window and then back to the index fields window then it will probably finish loading without error.
  Database Already exists If this error occurred when gong into TOOLS|BASKET STATUS, it may be a misleading  message that should more accurately say "file.MDB is corrupted" because that is often what is really wrong. It is likely that xxxBSKT.MDB is corrupt.  Go into VISDATA and open the .MDB to look at the records in the QUEUE table to determine if anything is wrong there. If not, open the .MDB.  If the error "the database is corrupted" or major "error in database" then see the solution below.
  Database is corrupted or is not an MS Access database Run TOOLS | REPAIR DATABASE on the halFILE menu and select the appropriate db file. This is only for MS-Access databases.
  DDE Viewer The DDE Viewer is a product for displaying halFILE images from another application.  When calling theDDE Viewer any strings that are passed are expected to be null-terminated.  Especially when not using VBA.
  Error in database when attempting to archive. This is usually caused by a power failure or having to reboot the system.  Go into search to evoke a more specific message, for example:"Major error in database: g:\hfw\database\surhfwoh.mdb. Use TOOLS | REPAIR DATABASE.
  Frequent lock ups in index Any novell network must have the following settings at the server set to their maximum value: 

set maximum record locks
set maximum record locks per connection

  How do I use OCR on the images? In either halFILE or Ascent, the user must purchase Calera Wordscan Plus 4.0 or later in order to perform optical character recognition on the scanned images. halFILE 1.4 and prior supports only full text OCR. Kofax Ascent supports zonal and full text OCR.
For full text OCR to Word or HTML, purchase Imaging for Windows Professional Edition from Eastman Software. Then in halFILE Search, mark the document to OCR, select LIST OPTIONS and Print as multi-page TIFF. If you have your TIFFViewer setting in MAPISEND.INI set to the Imaging for Windows program the image will load into the program where you have OCR options.
  Incorrect version of runtime .dll VB 3.0 incorrect version of runtime .dll when executing a .exe compile in VB 3.0.  VBRUN300.DLL is the correct version.  Check threed.vbx.  This file was updated at some point.
  Invalid Date Either date is incorrect or the long date format in the Windows Control (International or Regional) includes the day of the week.
  Invalid Field when printing a report In Crystal Reports run Database-Verify Database.  The database has changed since the report was created.
  Invalid File Format while loading an .EXE file Possible Image Controls conflict with old KIPP drivers - install Peripheral drivers and let it look for conflicting files.  They are probably in windows\system or in the path.
  Is the Canon 3020 scanner supported in halFILE? It is supported by ImageControls 2.0 and halFILE's 32-bit Scan Module which requires an Adrenaline Engine from Kofax. Or it is supported under halFILE Scan using ImageControls 1.1 if you have an ISIS driver (which requires editing the Kofax.ini file to define the scanner/driver).
  Is the Panasonic SS25 supported by halFILE? No.  But if you install an ISIS driver and define the scanner/driver in Kofax.ini, it will work.
  Major Error in Database An Access database needs to be repaired.  Note the 3-character Application ID and the 2-character Document or Database ID.  Then go into halFILE and select Tools-Repair Database.  Select the aaaHFWdd.MDB file where 'aaa' is the application id and 'dd' is the document id.  After running repair, you should be able to open the database.
  No option to "Save, indexcomplete" If you press Ctrl+S in index to get the option to "save index incomplete" but not the option to "save index complete",  then you have probably created an application where the folder field is a required entry but the user did not enter a folder. In most cases, we recommend that the application be set to auto assign the folder.
If you are set to auto assign the folder and you do not get the pop-up save menu, then you should review the data contents. halFILE verifies the data before saving and if there is invalid data (such as an invalid table entry), the pop-up menu will not appear.
  Reinstalling disappearing DiscPort DiscPort is a device used to place CDs on a network. First, upgrade to the latest NLM's and DiscView.  If the DiscPort still disappears, reset DiscPort from the command line (at F:\DISCVIEW\DOSUTIL\) by entering the following commands: 

DP DISCPORT LIST (This will give you a list of available discports, with discport address and image

  Report won't print Workstation require the 32-bit Report Layer installation which is on the halFILE menu. It is also required that Crystal Reports (full or run-time) be installed on the work station. Select FILE|REPORTS and make sure Crystal Reports directory is correct.  Go into Crystal Reports and re-set the database location to point to the actual database.  You may also need to select DATABASE|VERIFY DATBASE to make sure the database structure was not changed.
  Several systems locked up If the system was re-booted or a power outage occured while an Access database was opened, the database may be corrupted.  Perform a search, note the name and path of the database, get out of search, go to Tools-Repair and select that database  Click ok.  If the repair is successful, perform a search and see if the problem was corrected.  Never re-run a repair after an unsuccessful database repair without first backing up the database (the entire database could be lost).
  This CD does not haveenough space to archive all docs in the basket Normal warning message that not all of the documentsin the basket will fit on the staging area.  Continue to archive until you get Cartridge is full.  At that point you will need to archive to a new staging area if available by a new cartridge name.  If were archiving to CD1 now archive to CD2.  CD1 is ready to create a cd.
  Transaction Log is Full halFILE 1.2 (for SQL Server Databases only) - Select Tools-Refresh-Transaction Log. This runs the SQL statement 'dump tran  with no_log'
52 Bad File name or number Basket drive or directory is invalid.  Go into FILE|BASKETS to check the Basket location.   Also try SELECT SCANNER and configure reset.  Go into CHANGE SETTINGS and check title bar to make sure it is not set to scan from disk
53 File Not Found If this message happens during scanning, select CHANGE SCANNER SETTINGS, ensure all settings are correct and click on SAVE SETTINGS.  It will likely be necessary to FILE|SELECT SCANNER and CONFIGURE|RESET, especially if the system is new or has a new .EXE.
2004 User Defined Error This error was normally caused by insufficient file space on the hard disk.  Look at the user's C: drive; if very little space remaining, use dirsize on C: to locate any files which may be deleted or reduced to recover hard drive space.   Access uses temporary space on C: even though halFILE is on the network.  Temp could be set to another location, if absolutely necessary. It is possible to determine if the problem is one
3018 Unable to find field 'cartridge prefix' Error message received when trying to initialize cartridge.  One of the many possible errors cause by out of date parameters file.  Run Upgrade.exe )with assistance from Technical Support) in directory with halfile.exe
3024 Licensing Violation Either HALSYS.MDB is missing or corrupted or the system has not been registered and the 30-day grace period has expired.
3026 Licensing Violation The system is unable to open HALSYS.MDB (3026 is file space full)
3043  Disk or Network Error Restart system to ensure network is properly connected.
20005 Imaging Scaling Error Kofax ImageControls 1.x gets this error at certain display resolutions usually with the Image Enhancement feature turned on. You can remove the c:\imgctls\bin\winiaext.dll which will fix the problem in certain display adapater/monitor combinations. You can also change the resolution the monitor is set at. There is a fix to the search module so images that cause this error will still be received. Call technical support to get the fix.
20011 Engine not print capable Error received when user attemps to print.  Copy pcl.pxw and kf940.dll into c:\imgctls\bin. (Look on another workstation for these files or look in c:\kipp\bin or c:\kf940\bin.)  Check that path includes c:\imgctls\bin and that autoexec.bat has a line that says set biccfg = c:\imgctls\bin\bic.cfg. Restart windows before changes will take effect. Make sure KF940 engine is listed before the KF911.
20534 Error Detected by Database DLL Crystal Reports detects a change in the database format.  Within Crystal, select Database-Verify Database to update database structure.
57721 Error 057721R has occurred...(halFILE for DOS) On the error screen is a "last file accessed" which tells you the file in error. This is a Range error.  The number is a program address, the R is for Range. A range error in Databus is usually caused by a bad index file (corrected by running 'cleanup'), or a pointer of some type past the end of the file.
  How to find duplicate keys You can find duplicate keys by running the SQL query: 
"select count(keyfield), keyfield from testtable group by keyfield having count(keyfield) > 1" 
where 'keyfield' the field name of the unique key and 'testtable' is the table name.
644 (SQL) The non-clusteredleaf row entry forpage n row r was notfound in the index page p indexid i database 'db_name' Mass update a Base Edit Subdivision There is an error in the SQL Server's index pages. The SQL Server manual has a description of how to determine the index and table with the problem. Drop and rebuild the index. You can use an SQL statement to mass update a number of Subdivision Code in a Base Edit field (where the Subdivision are all in the same field with the following SQL Statement:   update multi set Sub_Blk_Lot = rtrim('NEWCODE;' + substring(Sub_Blk_Lot, 9, 25)) where Sub_Blk_Lot like 'OLDCODE;%'  The '9' in substring would be where the block field starts. In this case, since 'OLDCODE;' is a length 8, the block would start in position 9.
  Extended Error:Please try again later This error is caused by exceeding your network user license. It is very difficult to realize that you have exceeded the network user license limit on both Novell and NT because it does not inform you when you login. NT will log you in without any errors even if there is a login script that is mapping drive letters. However, if you go into 'My Computer,' your mappings will not be there. If you then double click Network Neighborhood you will see the network and all the shares but if you try network to access a share you will receive this error message. Even though you can ping other devices on the network and even successfully communicate across the network via PCAnywhere you will notbe able to access network resources. NT does not log this in the system event log either. You can use Start-Programs-Administrative Tools-Server Manager and look at the users and see that how many are currently connected. You can compare this number with Start-Control Panel-Licensing to see if you have exceeded the limit. You will either have to purchase more licenses or log someone out of the network.  The client station receiving the error will also have to be logged back in before you will have access to the network. Since you do not have any access to shares or drives if you attempt to launch a shortcut it will tell you the shortcut is invalid. 

Client 32 (All versions) will log you into the network without error. Under User Connections in Monitor at the server, there will be an * beside your name indicating that you are logged in but over the limit.  You will be able to open small text files and perform some functions on the network but if you attempt to launch an executable that tries to open a file the application will report an error.  For instance, halFILE will report licensing violation and not let you into the software. This is not because we are recognizing you are over your user limit it is because we are unable to open halsys.mdb. 

Remember, devices like HP Jet Direct Printers, DiscPorts, etc. may be taking up a license as well.

  Year 2099 were posted to the database An SQL query can be used to correct incorrectly posted dates. This query has been certified in SQL Server only and should be tested on other platforms. You can run this query in ISQL or Query Analyzer:
"update primetable set DocumentDate = str(DATEPART(month, DocumentDate)) + '/' + str(DATEPART(day, DocumentDate)) + '/1999' where DocumentDate between '01/01/2099' and '12/31/2099'"

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