Metroplex Area Community Whips Paper Problem

By using halFILE for Windows, the City of Highland Village, Texas, has solved the problem of reducing the mountain of paperwork created by the information revolution.

Conceived and installed by American Image and Information Systems of Richardson, a halFILE for Windows reseller, the document imaging system provides the city with relief from two pressing problems.
According to City Secretary Shari Kuykendall and Information Systems Manager Ken Heerman, the system eliminated the need for storing all the documents generated daily by the city staff, city council, and planning and zoning department. These include new ordinances, zoning plans, meeting minutes, and lots of correspondence in the process of doing the city's business. 

The city lacked adequate storage space in its temporary offices, plus eyeing the prospect of having to transport all of those records to their new City Hall, prompted Ms. Kuykendall and Heerman to order the system.
halFILE for Windows allows the staff to scan their documents, index them for retrieval, and store them on compact disk. Still in the early stages of implementation, the system runs on the city's network and allows the instant search and retrieval of documents to the computer screen. 

"We've become spoiled," says Ms. Kuykendall, "we don't have to get up from our desks to find records. The time savings alone has been amazing."
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