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halFILE Document Manager 2.1 Features
halFILE Document Manager 2.1 is the most ambitious release of our flagship product to date. With full SQL Server support, more modular design and lots of new features, we are excited about this release and we are sure our customers will be excited too!

General Enhancements
  • Totally eliminated Microsoft Access. This means that the baskets and parameters are handled more efficiently. This eliminates corrupted database files, a problem inherent to Microsoft Access.

  • Complete 32-bit applications for greater stability.

  • Separate sizable windows to provide greater flexibility including dual-monitor support. You can move the image windows around separately from the information window. The system remembers where you have positioned everything.

  • Improved on-line help files and a help menu option to go to halfile.com where there is a growing database of technical support issues and resolutions.

halFILE Manager

  • Small footprint displays the halFILE menus and launches programs.
  • Enhanced menu removes Quick Copy and adds icons for Administrator, Import, Key Verify, Basket Status and Exit.
  • Fewer menu selections to make it simpler for non-administrators.

halFILE Administrator

  • Administrative menus were removed from the main menu and placed in a more secure Administrator program.
  • User features provide even more security options.

TWAIN Scan Module

  • Supports TWAIN scanners (this expands greatly what scanner we support).
  • Includes FTP feature for remote scanner to your server via FTP (Internet).

Image Viewer

  • Supports Annotations.
  • Prints faster with fewer problems.


  • Optical Character Recognition features lets you draw box around a image, press Ctrl-O and the Index field is populated with the converted text. Works well with Long Legal Descriptions. (Requires Imaging Professional for Windows).
  • Smoother key-ahead for pop-up validation tables.


  • You can now enter a name into a “Grantor or Grantee” field and click begin search. The system searches for that name in the grantor and grantee field and lists the matching documents. This saves time and is very easy to use.
  • Automatically performs the View-Reference feature to pull in Releases and Satisfactions.
  • Color-coded Hit List to help you identify critical documents.
  • New hit list sorting option lets you sort immediately on any field.
  • Hit List Description feature where the description is displayed instead of the code (example: WD instead of Warranty Deed).


  • Auto Archive feature lets Archive run overnight
  • Cartridge Flip feature sets up the next cartridge in sequence for you. You do not have to move the images from the stage area to the Image drive any more. You can archive straight to the image drive and make CD backups from it. The system notifies you via e-mail when it is time to make a CD.


  • The import feature will now split multi-page TIFF images automatically.

Print to halFILE

  • Better quality of image. This is a feature where you can print a document into halFILE. The system converts what is normally sent to the printer into an image and imports it into halFILE. With this you can print a Word doc or a report from another application straight into halFILE.

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