December, 2000
User Focus
    First American Title - New York City


halFILE in the Big Apple? That's right! halFILE is used to stored Closed Files, Accounting Documents, Human Resources Documents and more in First American's Manhattan and Long Island offices. An Order Book concept is implemented where, as orders come in the door, they are entered into a halFILE database. Then a bar code sheet is printed by hal's Barprint utility and used to automatically index documents scanned into halFILE for the order.

These New York offices use halFILE to store not only scanned images but also associated documents from other applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook. In fact, First American was the prime mover behind halFILE's clever "Send to halFILE" feature.

First American's documents are also available over the web! The company runs its own Internet web site,, and e.halFILE to provide document access to customers via web browsers all over the world!


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