February, 1996
Quality Assurance
        A halFILE for DOS tip

halFILE for DOS features a Quality Assurance screen that can help you verify your data entry. here is how it works.

Let's say you just finished indexing the Monday queue and wanted to review the data for accuracy.  From halFILE's main menu select SPECIAL-QUALITY-QUALITY.  This brings up a screen that asks for the range of documents to check.  Enter the first document number in the queue as the beginning document and the last document number as the ending document.

You are also asked how many documents to skip between each test.  To review every document, enter a 1.  If you want to review every 5th document, enter a 5.

The Quality Assurance routine then begins by displaying the first image along with the data for that image.  If you find data that need to be corrected, perform a generic search for the document and make your corrections.


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