February, 1996

            A halFILE for Windows tip

halFILE for Windows TOOLS-MOVE is a powerful way to manage images within a document.  With this features you can re-order pages, append, insert or remove new pages, and move pages from one document to another. This is a brief discussion of how this powerful utility is used to re-order images within a document.

Before selecting TOOLS-MOVE, be sure the desired database and basket is selected.  Once the utility is loaded, use File- Open to open and display all the pages for any document in the basket.  The Mode menu selection is used to select the type of re-order method.  Swap means when an image is dragged on top of another image, the two pages are swapped.  Shuffle means when an image is dragged to a new position, then the pages after that position are shuffled down by one page to allow room for the insertion.

Images are moved using `drag and drop', a Windows term meaning click and hold the left mouse button down on an item, drag it to where you want it to be, then let go of the mouse button.  be sure that when you drag images around, click the mouse button on the image, not on the image header.

After you have the order of the pages the way you want them, click the SAVE button to save the new document permanently.


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