February, 1996
Announcing: The Million Image Club!
            New honor to recognize our busiest scanners

hal Systems Corporation is pleased to announce the formation of the Million Image Club for organizations who have scanned over a million documents using either halFILE for DOS or our new halFILE for Windows product.  To become a recipient of this honor you must show evidence that over 1 million pages have been scanned by your organization.

The first recipient of this award is Glynn McDonald of McDonald and McDonald in Edna, Texas.  Glynn and his associates have scanned close to 2 million documents!  In fact, Glynn has opened up two new Title Plants using halFILE.  For his efforts, Glynn receives a handsome Million Image Club plaque plus three months of free maintenance. Click here to learn more information about McDonald's Coastal Title installations.

So, how can you tell how many images you have scanned?  One way is to look at a cartridge that is full of images using the DOS directory or the DIRSIZE utility.  Take the total number of images files found on that cartridge and multiply it by the total number of full cartridges that you have.  If you think you may have a million images, let us know.  You could be the next member of the Million Image Club!


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