Notes and hints for users of halFILE Document Storage & Retrieval
February 1996
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The Million Image Club 
New honor to recognized our busiest scanners 

hal Systems Corporation  announces the formation of the Million Image Club for organizations who have scanned over a million documents using either halFILE for DOS or our new halFILE for Windows product.  To become a recipient of this honor.

A halFILE for Windows tip 

halFILE for Windows TOOLS-MOVE is a powerful way to manage images within a document.

Quality Assurance 
A halFILE for DOS tip 

halFILE for DOS features a Quality Assurance screen that can help you verify your data entry. here is how it works.

WARNING: Tape Backup Problem 
If this bug applies to you, contact us... 

Please be aware of a problem that has been identified with Arcsolo tape back software.  After restoring images that were backed up by Arcsolo with tape data compression turned on, random images cannot be displayed

ZIP from site to site 
New drives portable, easy to use 

If you are looking for a better solution to moving images from one site to another quickly and easily, we recommend a new product called ZIP Drives. 

New Users 
The more, the merrier 

hal Systems is proud to welcome new clients from across the state of Texas.



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