December, 1997
Put your Tax Forms on CD
                       ...with Text File Support

If you generate a lot of Tax Forms for your clients and employees, you can place those onto CD with an add-on feature from halFILE for Windows.

The Text File Support (TFS) feature from hal Systems lets you import text files and reports as halFILE documents, overlay documents with a blank form, and reproduce copies of tax forms when needed.

   TFS includes two utilities to increase your document capture capabilities. First, a Text File Split utility lets you split any number of text files into individual documents. For example, you can capture a file generated by your accounting system that contains all your 1099 forms. Using the Split Utility, you can output separate documents based on social security number, vendor name, page break recognition, or other criteria. MSDOS, AS400 and other text file formats are recognized and new formats can be easily added by hal Systems programming staff.

A second utility, TFS Import, imports documents into halFILE by extracting information from within the text file and placing it into selected index fields. You can index by Social Security Number, Name, Address – any piece of information found in the text file.

Special view windows for text documents can be enabled in halFILE to let you view the document, search for text, overlay the document with a form, and more.

The entire TFS system is transparently integrated into halFILE. Within the same database, you can view a text document and a scanned document. So don't microfiche those forms this year – use TFS and halFILE!

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