halFILE Bates Number Stamping
halFILE now supports Bates Number Stamping! With an add-on product provided by hal Systems, you can stamp a series of images with a Bates Number. This stamps each image sequentially with a designated number (and optional prefix).

The number is placed at a designated position on the image, either as a permanent annotation or as a temporary annotation that can be hidden. A barcode of the Bates Number can be included if so desired.

This halFILE Bates Number Stamping utility lets you:

  • Select a halFILE basket.
  • Define the Bates Number annotation parameters including:
    • font size and type
    • stamp location
    • text prefix
    • opaque or transparent
    • barcode font/size/location if barcode is selected
  • Once you have picked your options, you process the documents in the basket.
  • As the Bates Number is placed on the document, the number is posted to the halFILE database so all pages are indexed.

Bates Numbering has many applications in the legal and government industries, as well as other areas. For example:

  1. In the legal profession, you can use the Bates Number to reference documents entered in a court case.
  2. For County Recorders, you can use the Bates Number to stamp recorded documents with the recording information.

The term “Bates Number" comes from the Bates Manufacturing Co. which was incorporated on September 13, 1890 in New York State. The Bates Manufacturing Co. manufactured and sold automatic hand-held numbering machines. The Bates Numbering is mostly used by law firms, to aid in the referencing of documents.

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