April, 1999
halFILE Reseller working in Education

Since 1996, Savetime Solutions, Inc. of Portland, Oregon has been reselling halFILE in the Pacific Northwest under the label WinImage for Windows. Savetime Solutions has been working with higher education for three years to develop an enterprise wide solution for handling paper, data storage, and accessibility.  Using WinImage, Savetime Solutions has developed a network retrieval system and produced cost effective storage and retrieval methods. Colleges are replacing paper with WinImage for Student Services, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Business Office and the President’s Office. Volumes of computer data have been moved from paper printout to WinImage. Data downloads include Payroll, Business Office and Human Resources. The cost of producing pallets of paper, distribution, filing and slow retrieval have been replaced with easy desktop retrieval. The new Web product that hal Systems is releasing called e.halFILE is releasing will allow management to retrieve necessary data at remote locations.

Recently, the Washington State Public Higher Education Institutions issued a three year contract with Savetime Solutions to take advantage of these benefits. This includes forty-five Community and Technical Colleges and Universities! Savetime Solutions has found that the ability of WinImage to capture not only scanned images but also computer data to be critical in landing this high profile contract. So, congratulations to Savetime Solutions for their success in imaging in the Pacific Northwest!

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