April, 1999

halFILE CountyCashier™ helps manage Clerk’s Offices

    hal Systems is pleased to announce halFILE CountyCashier, a new product designed to help County Clerks manage their business. halFILE CountyCashier records documents, manages cash drawers, handles Accounts Receivable and more. It dovetails with halFILE for Windows to provide a full document management system for County Clerk Offices. Here’s how the system works…

When a document comes into the Clerk’s Office, halFILE CountyCashier assigns the File Number, records the Grantor, Grantee and other information, calculates the filing fee and  prints a receipt, complete with the official state or county logo. The customer either pays the fee (the system manages a cash register) or a charge is recorded as an Accounts Receivable for later invoicing. Recording information can be printed  on the document, if desired, using a slip printer.
The document is then scanned and indexed by halFILE for Windows. The information that was entered when the document was recorded is automatically displayed and additional index information may be added.

To improve customer service, a customer search station can be set up to provide on-line retrieval. Using halFILE’s search features, customers can search and display documents that the system has captured. For Title Companies, the system can export images to removable media.

halFILE CountyCashier includes a variety of reports, allocates fees to various departments, and accounts and provides for cash drawer management. Reports are provided with the system and can be customized using Crystal Reports. The system is currently installed at two clerk’s offices giving us a great start on this new and exciting product.

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