April, 1999
e.halFILE - a new web image and search product for hal Systems

At TitleTech ‘99, hal Systems is announcing our web-based imaging product, e.halFILE. This exciting new product makes images you have scanned and indexed available over the Internet through popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape.

With e.halFILE, you can sign onto the system over the Internet, select a database to search, enter your search criteria, view a list of documents matching the criteria, then view the images associated with the documents. Future releases of e.halFILE will include a billing module so you can charge people who want access to your images.

For a demonstration of e.halFILE, click here. The sign-on screen shows the user id and password to use for the demonstration. This demonstration site is up Monday through Friday during business hours. For more information and pricing of e.halFILE, contact your sales representative or fill out our Contact Us form.

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